In His Steps

In His Steps

Thanks for joining me here for this video. 

I was going to do this big, long speech but I’m not because at this point it’s not about how we got here necessarily but it’s more important that we realize one core point. We have forgotten our roots folks. We forgot that we were immigrants looking for freedom traveling to this land to establish it as a free country by hard working people.

America started with immigrants who brought their Traditional Family Values and Faith. They eventually had to fight in battles to ultimately create documents, covenants, contacts like the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and another one called the Bill of Rights, to assure our Freedoms. These spelled out what that Freedom meant and how it was going to be managed.

Moving forward to modern times, once again, we forgot about what we stood for. We got too successful, I guess to pay attention to keeping our country free. We let it get away from us. We’re all guilty.  Okay, me and everyone else is guilty, so let’s get passed the blame.  Let’s figure out what we’re going do to make it right, Okay?

Here’s the idea I referred to in the “Silent Majority Group” which I’m grateful for letting me on the the soapbox catching the eyes of its members.  Since 2012, I’ve been going outside the lines of standard thinking, innovating for a new an idea.

Then the Lord spoke to me in July, 2018. I prayed to Him asking if he wanted me to go after the churches, like many others, to get them to wake up and get involved in the political machine. He said a resounding NO! He said, “I’ll deal with them”. Yikes, I thought. 

What do you want me to do? He then confirmed something that twice was spoken to me by two different pastors at two different places as they prayed for my campaign in April and May 2018.  They both said “the legal immigrants in America are going to save America”. How amazing is that! Neither of these pastors knew me or each other but they both made the same claim. 

It was end of July the Lord told me to go for the immigrants and build an organization calling it  “Melting Pot Patriots”. He said that very name. Then He went silent allowing me to start meeting key people and make myself known in high offices occupied by believers. Then December 2018, the Lord told me He was going to bring rebuke, punishment, and death to  churches.

Over 2019, I watched all that happen to many churches across America and then February, Covid brought death to the churches! At least they look dead, right? Dead in the water one might say. We all see that even now.

In June He said, Paul get going on MPP. I had cautiously waited on Him for wisdom and direction for two years which wasn’t my nature because when I was in business, nothing held me back from steering my own boat. I needed a top webmaster, believer and in July, He sent the Best one I could imagine.

Today we are launching the Melting Pot Patriots website. You are probably wondering why legal immigrants. Here’s the reason. There are over 40 million of them in America of which the majority aren’t connected to our Conservative party. That is Conservative Republicans.

Not an organization but a belief system devised by our Founding Fathers (immigrants mostly or from immigrant homes they were). Today/s legalized Immigrants escaped tyranny for the American Dream over the last 50 years but have never really been invited to participate in the running of their Country as legal citizens.

The best part is that the majority still hold onto the one key thing that most Americans have lost or are losing. It’s the Traditional Family Values. They came here with nothing and worked hard to be successful. They concentrated on making their homes and families without expecting handouts. Their children are going to college and becoming business leaders. Their self reliance made them do well with hard work. My experience with them proved that the direction the Lord told me to take was the right one.

But I needed to reach them, teach them, give them love and hope. So, I’ve created Melting Pot Patriots to be a dock where they can at last embark on the inclusiveness we need to rebuild our Patriotic future.

Folks, I guarantee these people want this and we need it. So, without writing much more, I ask you. Please consider this idea from the Lord. Please consider that there was a reason He healed me from terminal Cancer and HepC due to one prayer to Him eight years ago. Please look over this site and sign up saying, I want to see this happen because I too love America. I see the evil and know we all who love America need to work together to stop it's grip on us.  Otherwise, if you know a better idea take it to the Lord in prayer. Maybe something better might come up. I really don't care what idea or who's idea it is. I care about the best idea., 

I have decided to walk in the footsteps of my Savior if even by myself. I know what I have lived through over the previous 720 nights He’s been speaking to and leading me. I know this is the solution but it needs warriors.

Are you warrior enough to do as Americans did in 1776 and give all you have to offer to take us to the next 200 years? Pray about it. Talk about it. Don’t tell me what you can’t do. Tell me what you can do. Let’s get Donald Trump re-elected in November with a whole new group of Patriot citizen voters, E Pluribus Unum, Our legal immigrants.

Let’s get the fire in our stomachs again to free America from evil. Let’s prepare the future for our children and grandchildren. Huge things are ahead if we do. I know it.



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